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Cartones Ponderosa offers a wide range of products to cover the diverse needs of final users. Its state of the art technology facilities and machinery let us offer a high level of service by supplying board in roll presentations as well as in sheets of different sizes according to Customer requirements.

The design characteristics of the boxboard machine and process instrumentation together with the control systems result in a prime product with the highest uniformity in the market of recycled board in terms of basis weight, caliper and moisture. These steady characteristics of our boards assure the best results in the printing process.

All our boards keep an optimum balance in the coating properties, which gives our products excellent printability, ink absorption, and high overprint gloss performance.

Stiffness of our boards present values that are over the average of recycled coated boards found in the market. The most important resistance characteristic is the 2:1 (MD : CD) ratio squareness of all our products resulting in an excellent dimensional stability. These characteristics give as a result a high productivity in printing presses, die cutters, gluers, etc. All these benefits are redeemed directly by the printer or converter when using our products.

An additional advantage converters get when acquiring a board with an excellent coated surface absorption is when gluing the cartons. The coated surface presents a quick glue absorption, contrary to those very sealed coating boards that generate most of the times bad gluing results. Our boards yield the highest performance and runnability in the gluing process.


Our boards comply with all requirements to be considered as harmless to the environment, it is biodegradable produced from renewable sources, it can be reused and recycled.

Cartones Ponderosa productive activities contribute in an important manner to preserve the environment in México when carrying out all it processes and activities environmentally friendly.

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