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Who we are Products and Services
Who we are

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EPL Clay Coated Kraft Back Folding Boxboard

ERB Clay Coated White Back Folding Boxboard

EPH High Stiffness - Clay Coated Kraft Back Folding Boxboard

MP Uncoated Kraft Back Folding Boxboard

MRB Uncoated White Back Folding Boxboard


Customer Service Technical Service
Customer Service

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Specific questions



Ecofibras Ponderosa Ponderosa and the Ecology

Ecofibras Ponderosa









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Certificates of Quality Facilities
Certificates and Obtained Recognitions

ISO 9001:2000,

Quality of the Water,

Clean industry,

Sure industry,

Rescue of the River,

Reward State of Export Querétaro.


• San Juan del Río, Qro.

• México

• Guadalajara

• Monterrey


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