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Cartones Ponderosa is committed with the environment by making 100% recycled products from recycled fiber, through environmentally friendly productive processes.
Cartones Ponderosa is aware that water is a vital element and also very important for boxboard making. Due to this fact, the company has a constant program for reducing water use to a level of less than 10 cubic meters metric ton of produced board. It also has a wastewater treatment plant that produces treated water under the most tight quality international parameters. Monthly, these 26,000 cubic meters of treated water are reused to irrigate the company green areas and 80 acres of communal farming in the neighborhood.
As a result of various investments directed to reduce the Ecological Impact, Cartones Ponderosa was awarded in December 1998 with The Clean Industry Certificate given by the Ecology Secretariat of Government (SEMARNAT). As a result, Cartones Ponderosa was the first Paper Mill in México in getting this award.

Also, Cartones Ponderosa has gotten yearly the Water Quality Certificate given by the National Commission of Water since early 90’s by widely complying with the present treated water law for farming irrigation.

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